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Founded in 1999 by world music composer, Lynne Holmes, Desert Rose is based in Cape Town and is widely regarded as leading composers, producers and performers of Universal Sacred World Music. 


Lynne Holmes and Yusuf Ganief are at the heart of Desert Rose, constantly exploring the creation and emergence of universal world music that allows the listener to access their inner worlds, facilitating healing and shifting of consciousness.


Yusuf is currently the leading multilingual world music vocalist in Southern Africa and together with Lynne Holmes, leading world music composer, they have performed to standing ovations in London (St Ethelburgas Centre for Peace and Reconciliation and London Interfaith Centre – June 2012)), Oxford (Jacqueline du Pres Hall –Mutlifaith Music Festival), Penang, Malaysia (Georgetown Festival – 2012 and 2013), Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur – 2013), Warsaw, Poland (COP19 - November 2013), Singapore (Esplanade Theatre – Festival of Sacred Tapestry - April 2013), India (Mount Abu and Delhi - March 2014), Lima, Peru (COP20 - Dec 2014), Turkey and Bosnia (Peace Concerts - March 2015), Brazil (Soul Journey Tour in 10 Cities - April 2015), India (100th birthday celebrations of Dadi Janki and Call of the Time Retreat– Nov 2015), France (COP21 – Dec 2015), Poland (Warsaw Cultural Centre – Dec 2015), South African and Mozambique (Sound to Silence Tours – May and September 2016), Morocco (Cop22 – Nov 2016), Oman (Nov 2016), Mauritius (World Religion Day and Sacred Songs of the World Tour – January 2017) 


Lynne Holmes, (Music composer, Director, Pianist, and Keyboard/Harp player), is the winner of numerous awards including performing as a soloist with the National Symphony Orchestra for National Television at the age of 13. One of her performance highlights was composing and performing for Nelson Mandela in 1995. She has composed and produced 15 world music albums and received a 5 star rating for her album, ‘Silence of the Music’She is recognized locally and internationally as the one of the leading composers of sacred world music.


Yusuf was born from a mother with Scottish descent and a father with Javanese and Malaysian descent, but was brought up with the spiritual teachings and traditions of Sufism, passed on from generation to generation by his Javanese and Malaysian ancestors who were brought to SA as political xiles by the Dutch in the 1600’s. At age 10 he joined a traditional Sufi group, known as a Dhikr Qaderiyah Jamaat, and became known in his community for his solo Arabic recitals. After giving up his corporate position in 2006 he formed Desert Rose Music with Lynne  and is currently the business manager for Desert Rose and lead multilingual vocalist singing ancient songs and chants in Sanskrit, Arabic, Aramaic, Hebrew, French, Spanish and English.

The Desert Rose experience has been described as epic, emotive & mystical and is a fusion of classical orchestration with indigenous rhythms and sounds. They have left a lasting impression on audiences and headlined major events in South Africa including: Mandela Day  (2009), Human Rights Day (2009 & 2011), Peace March Celebrations in St Georges Cathedral (2009), launch of the Charter of Compassion with Archbishop Desmond Tutu (2010), Indigenous Orchestra Ensemble at Artscape Theatre (2011), Yoga Sanga Festival  and Reconciliation Day Celebrations in Greyton (Dec 2013), iMeditate Africa Day (May 2014), International Peace Day celebrations in Durban on 21 Sep 2014, Prayers for the City (Cape Town Waterfront – 2015) 


Desert Rose has been internationally acknowledged as ambassadors for peace, non violence, interfaith and Climate Change awareness. They constantly strive to develop live performances, workshops and retreats to further their promotion of peace, social responsibility and common humanity through a unique universal musical signature.


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