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We perform music that is central to the spiritual healing traditions of various cultural backgrounds. We achieve this through a combination of healing sounds and guided facilitation that involves prayer, breath control, meditation, and drumming. While promoting cosmic consciousness is central to our mission as artists, our music helps to anchor that consciousness within the listener when we perform.

The use of Ancient languages from different cultures increases the intensity of experience in the listener. The language itself cannot be understood with the literal mind, but rather it is felt at a very deep level of genetic memory, helping us to feel a powerful connection to our roots as well as to the Divine. We do not differentiate between Ancient languages that represent different religions, we believe fundamentally they all lead to one source and through combining different Ancient languages, we share the experience of Oneness with the audience.

During our performances the energy of creative self-healing and mindfulness are evoked that helps to transform the negative energies of separation, trauma and illness.

  • African ritual music
  • Shamanic healing music.
  • Sikh Music
  • Sufi Music
  • Kundalini Yoga Music
  • Mantra
  • Guided meditations
  • Christian Sacred Music
  • Sanskrit chants
  • Gurmukhi chants