The Awakening

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by Desert Rose

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The Awakening has been hailed as a fresh new sound in Sufi Music as Desert Rose, leaders in universal sacred wold music, intertwines ancient Arabic, Aramaic, Hindi, Urdu and Gujarat with Tabla, Indian harmonium, clarinet and classical orchestration.

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Spiritual: Qawwali



About This Album

“The music is the big draw card here. It is epic, diverse and impressive.” Zane Henry, The Argus, 28 Sep 2010.

“Desert Rose’s music and singing never fails to open my heart every time I hear it – and resonates in my whole being. I never tire of playing it.” Sue Lake and Bilal, Clophill, UK (June 2012)

“It has a vibe that can only be described as euphorically multicultural; quite unlike anything I have experienced in a show in quite some time.”, Peter Tromp. Review in Next 48 Hours, 7 Oct 2010

“Desert Rose has discovered within our musical traditions some magic moments of divine connection. By studying carefully the text, the music and the message, they have found points of connection which people of different faiths can delight in. Here is agreement, here is a synergy, and here is a historical connection that, for a moment in time, can unite us as people of faith.” Fr John Oliver, Cape Town Interfaith Initiative Council, 3rd August 2009

“I would like to commend Desert Rose for their initiative to promote religious tolerance and understanding with their CD, The Awakening. The song, The Lords Dua, is a prime example of how music has the power to illustrate our common humanity and our universal spirituality. I personally endorse this kind of peace initiative and welcome other artists to follow suit in using music as a universal language to bridge the many cultural and religious divides. I urge the Muslim leadership to co-endorse this song as a symbol of our mutual commitment to peaceful coexistence and interfaith harmony” Dated: 7 August 2009

“The aesthetic combination of invocations with sounds engineered by Yusuf and Lynne are not only beautiful and pleasing to the ear but also helps the listener to be in awe of the majesty of the Creator or Al-Jamal (Beauty). Listening to Desert Rose is not only entertaining but is also a spiritual exercise that develops in us the capacity to discover love, peace and tranquillity.”
Dr. Syed Farid ALATAS :: Head, Department of Malay Studies; Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences ::The Shaw Foundation Building (AS7), #04-21 :: 5 Arts Link :: Singapore 117570 :: Republic of Singapore :: (June 2013)

Desert Rose is a unique group of musicians that is so needed in today’s world. The richness of their universal music awakens our original and innate qualities of goodness, peace, freedom of spirit, compassion and love for one Creator allowing us to overcome artificial barriers that divide humanity today.
I believe that Desert Rose with their professionalism and beauty of their voices will greatly help in any difficult negotiations such as talks about climatic changes and the future of our planet.

Their sacred and highly spiritual music will definitely help open many minds and hearts to higher truths and in a quiet and incognito way will guide them to better resolutions and decisions.

BK Halina Paradela
Spiritual Coach and Founder of Brahma Kumaris University in Poland
Warsaw, Poland (Nov 2013)