The Prayer

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by Desert Rose

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The Prayer has been critically acclaimed as ground breaking sacred world music, combining ancient Sufi chants with classical world music compositions, creating a musical journey that allows the listener to transcend into the beauty of their inner world

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About This Album

Desert Rose are the leaders in composing and performing sacred world music in Southern Arica since the release of their groundbreaking album, The Prayer. Yusuf Ganief and Lynne Holmes make up the artistic and business talent of Desert Rose Music. Their marriage and business partnership, culminating in The Prayer, really does sound like a match made in heaven. With the powerful and divine voice of Yusuf woven into the uplifting composition and orchestration of Lynne, this album has moved the hearts all over the world wherever listeners have heard it on the album or watched a live performance by Desert Rose.

“The first time I heard Remembrance during relaxation in one of my yoga classes a few months ago, Yusuf’s voice sent “chills” running right through me, rising & falling in waves throughout the song. Even though I had no idea of the meaning of the words being sung/chanted, I felt a surreal connection to what I was hearing, and an “I’m so happy I want to cry” feeling arose within me that I couldn’t quite put my finger on but somehow I knew it stemmed from reverence for our Creator, and a tear drop just rolled from each corner of my eyes – within those two tears lay sadness, happiness, love, joy, peace, gratitude, devotion, awe & wonder and so much more. At some level I “knew” I was worshipping God in that moment yet I didn’t quite know how I knew – hard to explain, as is the nature, I have found, of most spiritual experiences………..from what you mentioned, it was obviously my heart centre opening. What a beautiful feeling/experience.” Delia Styles, Cape Town, South Africa

“Your music not only induced the theta state for accessing and remembering and healing, but of a healing that traversed time and space and left great peace on many levels. “, Beatrix Pickard Cambridge, audience member who attended Desert Rose performance

“Thank you so much for Saturday’s concert in London it was a profound & beautiful experience & am so soo happy to finally meet all of you!! after all this years of listening to your wonderful music !!
hope to see you again soon in London !!
love & best of grace to all :-*:-*

From Livia Maritzia, Oneness University, London

With the formation of a partnership in 2005 between Yusuf and Lynne (often referred to as the Enigma of Spiritual World Music) the production of a sacred world music album was inevitable as both shared the dream of promoting spirituality through sound and music.

The music has been written specifically within the 60 beat per minute format (the Mozart effect), scientifically proven to reduce stress, blood pressure, insomnia, pain and to improve concentration. Science has proven how music has a life taking or life giving effect on the human body. It can inspire positive emotions like peace, love and forgiveness which stimulate hormones in the brain to release anti-ageing (cortisol) and feel good hormones (melatonin, endorphins) into the body, or the wrong kind of music can provoke negative emotions such as pain, fear, anger and hatred, releasing hormones that are destructive to the body. Nothing affects the body more powerfully than ones emotions and music is one of the most powerful tools to affect one’s emotions positively or negatively. “Next to the word of God, music has the most power to move the human soul.” Martin Luther King.

Desert Rose Music has made a commitment to creating a body of lifestyle music that will offer a healthy alternative to all those conscious music lovers out there who fill their bodies with good food and a healthy lifestyle. The Prayer is the latest release in this body of work, with tracks such as Remembrance, Peace, Love and Forgiveness which powerfully evokes these positive emotions.

This unique collaboration of sacred world music has drawn from the ancient Sufi practises of Dhikr (Remembrance) which Yusuf participated in most of his life. According to Yusuf the Sufi follower has many rituals that constantly remind one of the divine purposes of life. One of the most common and most powerful ways of divine remembrance is through the chanting of Divine Names in a musical or melodious context, called Dhikr. “The introduction of Dhikr has allowed Desert Rose to create a whole new sound within the world and meditation music genres”, says composer, Lynne Holmes.

“Yusuf’s rich rooted voice singing praises to Creator and the accompanying music initiates soothing, rhythmical and soulful sounds that makes listening not only deeply relaxing but also spiritually evocative. This reminds us of our need and duty to seek tranquillity and harmony within ourselves and with the universe. Sit back and enjoy the serenity and allow yourself to be transported to PEACE”, says Dr Salie Abrahams, Rector of the International Peace University of South Africa.

“It is impossible to capture the various elements of Sufism and Dhikr in one music album and an approach was taken to illustrate 5 fundamental and universal elements of spirituality which is necessary to attain Enlightenment” comments Yusuf.

“Throughout the history of mankind, music has inspired humanity to greater spiritual awareness, reminding us of our soul’s longing to become one with the Creator, The music of Remembrance brings this message of spirituality, opening the heart and evoking a well of emotions. Out of sadness, comes a deep surrendering and acceptance of life; and out of acceptance, comes blissful freedom as we emancipate ourselves from all that which is transient and of this world” says music composer Lynne Holmes