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Yusuf and Lynne are both spiritual activists, their life’s purpose is to facilitate transformation through music. With their unique, original and diverse sound, they can take one beyond the conditioned mind, taking the listener into the realm of bliss, surrender and love.

There are many sound healing modalities, all serving different purposes. When combined, they have a deep impact on all aspects of ones being. Science has proven the power of sound to increase immune function in cancer patients, to heal people of depression, to lower blood pressure, to assist in rehabilitation of stroke patients and more. These are just a few examples of the benefits of sound healing, whether it is absorbing sound passively or generating sound individually and collectively.

Desert Rose explores all of these healing modalities in their retreats and includes various modules that makes up weekend retreats, 1 day retreats and sound healing sessions. From using music to induce states of Deep Relaxation and Theta Brain Wave States through their original brainwave music to harnessing the power of sacred sound individually and collectively within sound healing circles.

With the strength of their own connection through a lifetime of Sacred Sound practice they are able to transport the listener beyond the limitations of this world and provide an experience of the unlimited through soul consciousness.

The Power Of Sound

This module lays the theoretical foundation of the impact of music on the mind, body and spirit. These sessions are interactive and explorative. They specifically unpack the impact of music on the brain. They unpack music as a universal language, a shorthand of emotion and so much more. Without this knowledge, one does not have the awareness to harness the power of sound. Although this module is theoretical, it is interspersed with powerful healing exercises through sound and breath.

Lynne who has a degree in classical music has researched and practically explored the impact of music on the psyche for more than 20 years.

Roadmap to Mantra

This session provides an outline of Sacred Sound with a clear roadmap to Mantra. We explore the layers of sound that we generate consciously and unconsciously in this session and apply techniques to direct our own symphony of internal sound. We tap into the real power and science of mantra following the necessary respect and spiritual discipline of mantra.

We discuss and explore the criteria that separates Normal Sound (Music) from Sacred Sound. With this expansion of understanding and consciousness we can proceed with harnessing this power, opening doors to higher consciousness, entraining the mind which is the first power of Mantra, a subtle way of directing the mind. We learn to surf the wave of Sacred Naad (cosmic vibration) through the repetition of Naam (Sacred Mantra). In this we move from the gross to the subtle, the subtle to the Infinite. In this, we heal…….

Healing Circles

In this session we harness the power of sound within healing circles. With the combination of kriya, mantra and breath we collectively raise our vibration and consciously direct this vibrational energy to assist one another on the journey of healing and awakening. These are transformative and powerful modalities to shift blocked energy.

Each circle is organized according to the mantra, the kriya and the intention. Desert Rose has developed its own unique expression of original music and mantras woven into kriya, creating a powerful and unique healing experience in these sessions. The power of the group energy is exponential, raising vibration for the part and the whole. The difference of the group as opposed to solo chanting is tangible. In these sessions we are all healers, and with the intention of healing others, we heal ourselves. We shift from egocentric to altruistic states.

Sound Journey

Desert Rose uses a combination of instruments and voice to lead the group into a sound healing journey. Participants lie on the floor in a circle while different instruments are used to create a healing vibration. We explore the ancient Chinese sounds of the organs in this session, the lyre, drum, voice and singing bowls are the subtle music therapy instruments used in this session. The individual learns to tune into the body and organs in this session, feeling the discomfort and blocks in the physical and allowing the vibration to heal. This session is both passive and participatory.

Sacred Dance

In this unique exercise, the group harmonizes its movements to sacred mantra, experiencing the bliss of connecting to one another through sacred form. Again, these sacred forms are original and created to dance to the original sacred world music of Desert Rose.

Theta Healing And Yoga Nidra

Through guided visualization and original Theta music a state of deep relaxation is facilitated. Whilst in this half awake, half asleep state, the spontaneous healing of emotional and physical disease has been recorded. The subconscious does not filter what it is exposed to, especially in the highly receptive Theta state. All healing happens in Theta. These sessions run daily as we strive to bridge the gap between the conscious and unconscious mind and build a bridge of communication through the power of sound. Desert Rose has composed unique and powerful Theta music for the benefit of those who attend these workshops.

Yogic Chanting

This is a special healing modality in sacred music. One has to LISTEN and PARTICIPATE. In this session, the leader puts out a call and the participants reply through mimicking the call. The participant has to fine tune his or her consciousness and really tune in to listen to the call in order to mimic the call and answer. It creates heightened awareness and creativity, combined with the vibration of sound in the form of give and take. This modality is very powerful, as mimicry is part of our genetic past, and has its roots deep in our memory of social cohesion and survival. As human beings, our creativity is what sets us apart as a race. Creativity through music is probably the highest form of this potential.

Silent Meditation

The ultimate purpose of sound is to lead us into silence. With the power of sound, we clean the mind and wash away thoughts. All sound work is a preparation for an experience of deep silence. This is when we experience the benefit of Naam (Mantra), we hear the echo of our Sacred Sound returning to us in the form of Naad (raised vibrational energy). A relaxed state of concentration through open eye meditation (Raj yoga) is practiced twice a day on retreats. In this time all the work done is consolidated in the powerful atmosphere of collective silence.

Desert Rose Concert

Desert Rose has inspired audiences all over the world with their Sacred World Music. Their retreats culminate in this musical odyssey. Words cannot adequately describe the mystical experiences of their concerts with Yusuf’s powerful Naad voice and Lynne’s unique compositions. The less said the better, one simply has to surrender to the Sacred Sound and allow the Divine to flow through, giving each and everyone the unique experience that is appropriate for them at that time.


With Lynne and Yusuf’s unique set of skills, and a lifetime immersed in sacred music, their retreats are simply magical. All the music from day one to the final concert is original. With their dedicated compositions for breathing, kriya, yoga, mantra, Theta, meditation and sound journeys, they share their journey with the Sacred through sound. This is the unique offering of Desert Rose, to open hearts and restore balance. This is the symbolism of “the Rose”.

Their carefully crafted original music is what sets the Sound to Silence retreats apart from all other retreats, music that is streamlined and landscaped to take the participant on a journey inward, discovering, accessing divine love, bliss and peace.

Whilst Desert Rose has 18 albums available commercially, their retreat music cannot be bought and will not be heard anywhere else. It is kept Sacred for the retreats alone and for all those who participate.