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Desert Rose  concerts have been described as other worldly and cathartic, opening the hearts of thousands of people around the world through their Medicine Music and Universal Mantra. Their concerts are well known for creating an intimate safe space where the audience can have an inner world experience. Most of their performances have been to international diverse audiences ranging from spiritual gatherings, yoga,  chanting and meditation lovers to interfaith, climate change, peace concerts and concerts promoting non-violence. if you are  looking for personal transformation,  Desert Rose Concerts may be an alternative and creative solution for accessing certain blockages and moving through suffering into bliss and soul consciousness.

Desert Rose Concerts are a genre of their own, they have re-defined the meaning of concerts in the performance world as the audience is invited to go within and allow the power of Universal Mantra and Medicine Music to transform them beyond their day to day experience. Many concert goers have described the experience of extreme bliss, visions and colors with intense personal breakthrough’s. One can describe these experiences as having accessed the light of the soul or soul consciousness.

Desert Rose believes in the power of the gathering. At the start of a Desert Rose Concert, an intention is set and an energy descends into the gathering, an energy that transforms, unifies and uplifts. It is in soul consciousness that this magical transformation occurs and their Medicine Music is the chalice for all of this to happen. Their performances have taken them to 20 countries in 8 years and their Universal Mantra has reached across all religious, cultural and racial borders.

Desert Rose performs for the following events

  • Yoga Festivals
  • Sacred World Music Festivals
  • Sacred Music Concerts
  • Peace Events
  • Interfaith Events
  • Events for Non Violence and Climate Change
  • Mantra concerts with audience participation

“It is not easy to anchor oneself in the calm of divine love in the middle of the chaos of New York City.  But when Desert Rose is preforming, the soul sinks into that love so easily and profoundly…”

Zainab Salbi

              Award winning Social Activist (voted one of the 20 most influential women in the US), Author of                                                                        “Peace is an Inside Job”.

October 2018

“To find your consciousness moved from the headspace into the heartspace, and for it to be held there for an extended period, is a gift of immeasurable value. One becomes aware of this immediately when such a moment passes and you find yourself once again submerged in the chaos of the external world. This was my experience gifted by Desert Rose, when I first heard them perform at the Sufi Temple. Thank you Yusuf and Lynne – what more can I say but Thank You”

                                                                         Eliza James

 Director – African Scholars Fund, Spiritual Healer



London (St Ethelburgas Centre for Peace and Reconciliation and London Interfaith Centre – June 2012)),

Oxford (Jacqueline du Pres Hall – Multifaith Music Festival – June 2012),

Penang, Malaysia (Georgetown Festival – 2012 and 2013),

Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur – 2013),

Warsaw, Poland (COP19 – November 2013),

Singapore (Esplanade Theatre – Festival of Sacred Tapestry – April 2013),

India (Mount Abu and Delhi – March 2014), Lima, Peru (COP20 – Dec 2014),

Turkey and Bosnia (Peace Concerts – March 2015),

Brazil (Soul Journey Tour in 10 Cities – April 2015),

India (100th birthday celebrations of Dadi Janki and Call of the Time Retreat– Nov 2015),

France (COP21 – Dec 2015), Poland (Warsaw Cultural Centre – Dec 2015),

South Africa and Mozambique (Sound to Silence Tours – May and September 2016),

Morocco (Cop22 – Nov 2016), Oman (Nov 2016),

Mauritius (World Religion Day and Sacred Songs of the World Tour – January 2017),

Mozambique (Sound to Silence Retreat – Apr 2017),

South Africa (3HO Kundalini Spring Festival – Sep 2017),

USA Sacred World Tour (Oakland, San Francisco, Albany, New York, Washington DC – 19 Sep to 18 Oct 2018),

Malaysia “Unity in Diversity Tour” (Kuala Lumpur, Johor, Penang Island 11 – 19 Dec 2018),

India (Voice of Love Concerts – 12 to 24 March 2019), Mozambique (Sound to Silence Retreat – 11 to 15 April 2019)

“Sky Fest” Kundalini Yoga Festival 21 September 2019

India, Rajesthan ” International Peace Conference” , Peace of Mind Conference, October 2019

Dubai, Yogafest November 2019

Abu Dhabi, ” Voice of Love Concert” November, 2019

Mozambique, ” Sound to Silence Retreat” March 2020