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It is not easy to anchor oneself in the calm of divine love in the middle of the chaos of New York City.  But when Desert Rose is preforming, the soul sinks into that love so easily and profoundly.

Like no other sharing, Desert Rose’s spirited voice and music took all that encountered their performance to a quick journey of connection and love.  Yes, indeed love among people working in so many sectors and meeting in so many venues from churches to business.  That is the magic of Desert Rose.  They unite people and bring all to their hearts.  I can’t wait for them to be back again.

Zainab Salbi (Oct 2018)

Award winning Social Activist (voted one of the 20 most influential women in the US), Author of “Peace is an Inside Job”,


I am in awe of Desert Rose’s music. The harmonious synergy between Yusuf and Lynne is palpable – her compositions and subtle vocals and his devotional, artistic voice! Their live performance opens an incredibly vast space of God consciousness. This duo convey a heavenly love experience that is unique and super special.

Pritam Hari Kaur Khalsa

3H0 SA Founder Member, KRI Legacy Teacher Trainer, Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan

I commend the initiative by Desert Rose Music to combine the rich cultural tapestry of Africa in commemoration of the ideals of hope, love, peace and harmony amongst all the sons and daughters of Africa, as so beautifully illustrated by the life and messages of the late and great Chief Albert Luthuli. I wish Yusuf Ganief and his team the best of luck in their aspirations of contributing to the upliftment of Africa through the power of the arts.

Comment by Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu (who like Luthuli was recipient of a Nobel Peace Prize) about the album,            Spirit of Africa.17 Nov 2007.

I support the social initiative by Desert Rose to address the issues of religious intolerance and cultural prejudice though their musical drama, Silence of the Music. Their ongoing perseverance to create music for the purposes of promoting common spirituality in the face of growing extremism, Xenophobia and declining spirituality is much needed and should be supported by everyone who cares about establishing a society of healing and peaceful co-existence.”…..said Archbishop Desmond Tutu about the musical, Silence of the Music, produced by Desert Rose….13 Sep 2010

Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu, fondly known as the “Arch”, is one of South Africa’s most celebrated figures. Besides             winning the 1984 Nobel Peace Prize (and being nominated in 1981, 1982 and 1983), Archbishop Tutu was at the forefront of         the anti-apartheid movement, a close friend of Nelson Mandela and the Dalai Lama and a fundamental figure in liberating SA.


I have been a musician and composer of my own songs for over 40 years and have attended thousands of live performances of every genre of music available to my ears. The music of Desert Rose is something of a new league to me. It reaches the innermost depths of your soul and you feel the raw emotion of what is going on in the music. I will only be happy when I have heard them perform in world class venues to massive crowds. The work they are doing to bring the world’s eclectic mix of people together through music is truly wonderful.

Love and light

Jon Boys, Director, Inner Peace Centre For Conscious Living
Letchworth, UK.
June 2012


The music of Desert Rose is what I turn to for solace, peace, spiritual comfort, and growth.  It is the most soulful and beautiful music in the world – though I realize this may not be everyone’s experience.  I love it.

Their latest CD Aquarian Sadhana doesn’t fall from the high standard of excellence and grace Lynne Holmes and Yusuf Ganief have set for themselves. In fact, what they do, musically, connecting past and present spiritual worlds, is a kind of magic.  I could not admire them more.

Alice Walker (Pullitzer Prize Winner 1982 and Author of The Color Purple, Poet, Cultural Activist)

26 Feb 2018

This group carry a wonderful spirit with them from their Sufi teachings and possess a sound that is indeed unique, exciting and definitely uplifting.

Wallee Mc Donnell ‘Music Events Co-ordinator
St Ethelburgas Centre for Reconciliation and Peace
London, UK
June 2012

I enjoyed working with Desert Rose and her ability to combine classical orchestration with indigenous music is truly a gift to the South African music world. I hope this music will serve as an inspiration to not only the South African music enthusiast, but to the rest of the indigenous musicians all over the world. Desert Rose and myself are dedicated to the protection and preservation of indigenous African instruments in both ancient and modern context’s.  Welcome to the Future!!

Pops Mohamed (Multi instrumentalist, music producer, SAMA Music Lifetime Achievement Award, Indigenous Musician)

I LOVE the music of Desert Rose; for the 10 years that I’ve lived in Cape Town, I’ve attended as many performances as possible and I own all their cd’s. It’s the most spiritual, relaxing and uplifting music I know of and I never tire of it. I play a different cd every night as I’m getting ready for bed / falling asleep and it’s a wonderful end to my day.

We are so blessed to have Lynn and Yusuf in Cape Town and I only hope that more people will discover how beautiful their music is as well as the wonderful messages that they provide us with.

Jann Porter

Managing Director – Cruise Options


We were privileged this year to celebrate World Religion Day by welcoming visitors Lynne Holmes and Yusuf Ganief for a unique piece fusion recital.  These two artists from Desert Rose helped us to deepen and strengthen our vocation to serve the cause of inter religious dialogue in Mauritius.

They created a wonderful atmosphere of peace through their music and songs in all the traditional languages which are so dear to all our religions, Aramaic, Sanskrit, Arabic, Greek, Latin, English and French.

Rev. Philippe Goupille
President – Council of Religions, Mauritius
4 March 2017


The amazing Sound to Silence retreat held in Mozambique with Desert Rose left me feeling a deep sense of peace and gratitude. The workshop takes you on a journey that transcends you to a space within yourself that reminds you of who you are. The deeply mystical and spiritual music by Lynne and Yusaf is not of this realm…it is truly Heavenly…

Marlene Neumann (Master Photographer, Teacher, Author, Philantropist)

April 2017

an aural masterpiece…

Sean Murray, The Soap Box Review, 18 April 2011

The music is the big draw card here. It is epic, diverse and impressive.

Zane Henry, The Argus, 28 Sep 2010.


Thank you so much for Saturday’s concert in London it was a profound and beautiful experience & am so soo happy to finally meet all of you!! After all these years of listening to your wonderful music !! I hope to see you again soon in London !! love & best of grace to all

From Livia Maritzia, Spiritual Teacher and Head – One Life Institute, London, UK, June 2012



” In 2011 my brother died at the hand of a man that belonged to an insurgent group in Afghanistan. It left me shattered and bereft of the best friend I have ever had.

As a hypnotherapist I am very aware of subconscious patterns that govern my actions. I also live a life that harbours allowingness for others whether it be their religion, way of life or belief systems.

I however have been unaware of my subconscious reaction to things Arabic and Muslim until I found myself crossing the street when I saw Muslim dressed people on the side walk in front of me. I was shocked at my own reaction and then realized how absolutely insidious our governing patterns are as a result of trauma.

Coming to your workshop was an impulse, having known nothing about you or your music. I came because I was interested in how you use the music to induce the theta state.

And then the music started and it was Arabic.

And all I could feel was this immense process that started in my heart. When he was shot it vaporized a hole my heart. A huge space of nothingness. I felt the Arabic words filling up that space and giving birth to green leaves that haven’t stopped growing and my fears and thoughts and anger (which I didn’t realize existed) started dissolving. This immense dissolving process…

I felt the music and the words rinse my cells clean and replace it with Grace.

I felt humbled by the majestic interconnectedness I felt with him that took my brother’s life and I surrendered to a greater Will. It also allowed me the access to a very valuable memory of a life long ago that gave me tremendous perspective and understanding.

Your music not only induced the theta state for accessing and remembering and healing, but of a healing that traversed time and space and left great peace on many levels. I realized that our deepest healing and resurrection are often found in the very thing that we perceive to have caused us harm.

Who would have guessed that Allah resides in me.

It remains an ongoing process. Each time I listen more leaves are sprouting and more Grace descends. You are gifted and Divinely inspired beyond words or understanding. I am profoundly grateful for sharing that experience with you.

In Love and Light and Gratitude

Beatrix Pickard-Cambridge (Hypnotherapist, Counsellor), Oct 2015

The first time I heard Remembrance during relaxation in one of my yoga classes a few months ago, Yusuf’s voice sent “chills” running right through me, rising & falling in waves throughout the song. Even though I had no idea of the meaning of the words being sung/chanted, I felt a surreal connection to what I was hearing, and an “I’m so happy I want to cry” feeling arose within me that I couldn’t quite put my finger on but somehow I knew it stemmed from reverence for our Creator, and a tear drop just rolled from each corner of my eyes – within those two tears lay sadness, happiness, love, joy, peace, gratitude, devotion, awe & wonder and so much more. At some level I “knew” I was worshipping God in that moment yet I didn’t quite know how I knew – hard to explain, as is the nature, I have found, of most spiritual experiences………..from what you mentioned, it was obviously my heart centre opening. What a beautiful feeling/experience.

Since finding your music (or did it find me?), I listen to The Prayer album each morning to start my day and each evening to close it, all the time giving thanks to God. It has helped me to deepen my own spiritual practices and devotions. I have a feeling it’s a case of “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear”.

Blessings and Thank You to you and Yusuf (and all at Desert Rose Music) for sharing your gift with the world which so badly needs the message of peace, love and unity. Your union truly does create magic.





To find your consciousness moved from the headspace into the heartspace, and for it to be held there for an extended period, is a gift of immeasurable value. One becomes aware of this immediately when such a moment passes and you find yourself once again submerged in the chaos of the external world. This was my experience gifted by Desert Rose, when I first heard them perform at the Sufi Temple.” Thank you Yusuf and Lynne – what more can I say but Thank You

Eliza James
Director – African Scholars Fund, Spiritual Healer


In her congratulations to Desert Rose, Ms Comina Visser, music therapist said:

Your concert was absolutely mind blowing, very brave and moving. I do hope that you will have the opportunity to take it further. It certainly addresses fundamental issues about our humanity at a very deep level. Lots of love and good wishes


Listening to Desert Rose is not only entertaining but is also a spiritual exercise that develops in us the capacity to discover love, peace and tranquillity.

Internationally recognized Sufi Scholar, Professor Sayyid Farid al-‘Attas, Associate Professor of Malay Studies at Singapore           University (16 June 2013)