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Desert Rose sound healing retreats and workshops are for everyone. Each and every one of us should be given the knowledge and basic understanding of the scientific impact of sound on the mind, body and spirit. Desert Rose retreats and workshops lay the foundation of this knowledge, empowering the individual to apply sound healing to their personal lives and use this powerful tool for awakening the inner faculties of imagination and inner sight.

Who should attend:

  • Those who want to find fresh avenues of connection to themselves and the Divine. To learn how to use sound healing as an “opener”, an avenue to experience Divine love and grace.
  • For those who want to restore balance in their lives through the power of sound, to tune into the positive vibrations of their own divine energy.
  • For those who want to develop the inner faculties of sight, imagination and inner hearing/intuition.
  • For anyone who wants to create new heightened inner experiences as a form of healing of the past and paving the way for new memories and experiences.
  • For those who want to reach their full potential as human beings.sound healing sound bath, awakening, imagination, empowering, retreat sound workshop empower mind body and spirit
  • For anyone who feels blocked in mind, body or spirit. Sound has the capacity to release from the heart and mind that which cannot find expression resulting in a personal awakening.
  • For those who simply want to bathe and heal in the presence of sacred, healing music and silence.
  • For those who struggle or want to learn how to meditate and get an experience of the vibration of silence.
  • For those who want to deepen their healing and creative skills.
  • For those who want to connect with new people in a healthy and wholesome way.
  • For those who need to de-stress and learn powerful skills for deep relaxation and theta healing.
  • For those who would like to explore the power of collective mantra and sound for the benefit of the whole through empowering sound healing circles.
  • For those who would like to explore and discover their own voice, the most powerful instrument for self-transformation.
  • Those who would like to harness the power of sound as a precursor to silence.
  • For those who would like to experience complete liberation through sound.
  • For those who want to experience blissful states of the soul