theta state, theta healing mental wellness, focus the mind, meditation, music therapy healing neurogenesis altered states theta state immune function deep relaxationMUSIC THERAPY/ THETA STATE HEALING

Desert Rose has studied music therapy for 30 years discovering the inherent value in music as a tool for healing and to focus the mind. Theta state is at the core of  music therapy, the right kind of music can facilitate a state of deep relaxation and induce theta state in the brain. Theta state is when the brainwaves vibrate between 4-8 hertz. It is in this deeply relaxed and lucid state that healing takes place. Many cultural traditions use music to create altered states of mind and awareness. Scientific studies have clarified that music influences and affects the cranial nerves in humans, and it also has been proposed that music facilitates neurogenesis, the process by which new neurons are formed in the brain, especially in Theta state or deep relaxation. Therapeutic music can focus the mind, drumming and chanting can promote relaxation and states of calm and mental clarity. To focus the mind in music therapy creates a relaxed concentration in which emotions and thoughts can be processed. Hospitals around the world have introduced music therapy into their healing modalities and the subsequent studies have shown that music therapy enhances immune function, emotional well being and healing. Spontaneous healing is not uncommon when music facilitates a state of deep relaxation and the brain enters into theta state. The potential for healing with music therapy is still largely uncharted territory in Western culture, although theta state and other altered states of consciousness where spontaneous healing occurs has been very promising. Theta state is well known in Eastern cultures where individuals experience altered states through sound medicine and mystical states.

Desert Rose performs music from many cultural traditions in order to help people focus the mind, explore their inner self and transcend their physical reality. This is possible due to the structure of the brain and how music is strongly linked to our survival and language. When sound reaches our auditory cortex, it impacts directly on the older part of the brain, the amygdala and the mammalian brain, directly influencing the autonomic nervous system, our breathing, our heart rate and our emotions. With this knowledge, we can use music to shift states when we need to. Music therapy goes back to the Ancient Chinese Culture where music was the primary source of medicine.

The correct music applied at the right time can alleviate depression, high blood pressure and stress. The right music can release emotion that cannot find expression, therefore holding us back from a wholesome and fulfilled life.

Music Therapists – Therapists can easily become overwhelmed when faced with finding the right music for everyone. We perform and record sacred world music that spans western and eastern cultural and religious traditions to make it easier for you.

Personal Wellness – Healthy eating, regular exercise and enough sleep is essential for any self-care regime. Have you ever considered adding transcendental and / or meditation music to your wellness routine? The health benefits you can experience if you set aside a few minutes a day to listen to music that elevates you to a higher plane includes reduced anxiety, better sleep and improved concentration. The Ancient Greeks and Chinese used to prescribe music as medicine, Pythagoras in particular, would prescribe music for sleep and music for waking up. Lifestyle music will become the norm in the future as science gradually unpacks this phenomenon.

Alternative and Integrative Health Practitioners – We perform music that is enjoyable, for holistic health care with no side effects. The cultural traditions our music is derived from, allows for the application of techniques that  include music-facilitated breathwork, meditation, and mantra.

Psychotherapy/coaching and mental wellness – we facilitate Theta healing, a process of entrainment, where the music reduces brainwaves to around 7 hertz, the consciousness we reach just before falling sleep. In this lucid state, we are highly receptive to self-talk and spontaneous healing.