sound workshops, spiritual activists, immune function, personal transformation, healing circles, sound bathSound Healing Workshops by Desert Rose are a more condensed version of their Sound to Silence retreats. Exercises are more compact and designed to raise the frequency of mind, body and spirit in a shorter space of time. The different modules can be found in greater detail under the Sound to Silence Retreat page. These modules can be adapted and selected for different workshops according to the circumstance or length of time of the sound healing workshop. Yusuf and Lynne are both spiritual activists, their life’s purpose is to facilitate personal transformation and healing through music, whether it increased immune function or emotional well-being.

There are many modalities used in the sound healing workshops,  all serving different purposes. When combined, they have a deep impact on all aspects of ones being. Science has proven the power of sound to increase immune function in cancer patients, to heal people of depression, to lower blood pressure, to assist in rehabilitation of stroke patients and more. These are just a few examples of the benefits of sound healing, whether it is absorbing sound passively or generating sound individually and collectively.

Desert Rose explores all of these healing modalities in their sound healing workshops.

With the strength of their own connection through a lifetime of Sacred Sound practice they are able to transport the listener beyond the limitations of this world and provide an experience of the unlimited and personal transformation through soul consciousness.

Sound Healing workshops normally begin with mantra. As spiritual activists, the Desert Rose approach to mantra is universal. They use Ancient languages from all mystical paths. This is their signature. The reason for beginning each workshop with mantra is that each person comes with blocked emotions and limiting thoughts and attitudes. The process of opening the voice and heart through sacred music results in the quietening of the mind, the group then begins to let go and move beyond their individual circumstances, allowing a greater energy to pull them upwards. This is the power of the collective group energy.

From this point of a gradual raising of energy and group cohesion one can say that the frequency of sound has washed away the negative energy in the individual. One starts to experience higher emotions of bliss, joy and love as a result. From this point in the workshop the participants feel safe to let go and move into a deeper state of relaxation. Through the power of guided visualization and meditation music or leading into a sound bath or sound journey one starts to move into the inner realms of the self. Gradually through the various forms of sound healing modalities we all move into Theta State brain waves. This is when the doorway to the conscious and unconscious mind opens. Deep personal breakthroughs and spontaneous healing has taken place in Theta State during the Desert Rose Sound Healing workshops.


Out of Theta we harness the energy of the group into healing circles. We learn to become benefactors through the medium of sacred sound and the intention to direct our healing energy into the group. No words are needed, going beyond the limiting languages of modern life into the language of pure energy and pure consciousness. We shift from egocentric to altruistic states.