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Yusuf and Lynne are both spiritual activists, their life’s purpose is to facilitate transformation and healing through music.

There are many sound healing modalities, all serving different purposes. When combined, they have a deep impact on all aspects of ones being. Science has proven the power of sound to increase immune function in cancer patients, to heal people of depression, to lower blood pressure, to assist in rehabilitation of stroke patients and more. These are just a few examples of the benefits of sound healing, whether it is absorbing sound passively or generating sound individually and collectively.

Desert Rose explores all of these healing modalities in their workshop sessions.

With the strength of their own connection through a lifetime of Sacred Sound practice they are able to transport the listener beyond the limitations of this world and provide an experience of the unlimited through soul consciousness.

The first part of the healing workshops provides an outline of Sacred Sound with a clear roadmap to Mantra, exploring the criteria that separates Normal Sound (Music) from Sacred Sound. With this expansion of understanding and consciousness we can proceed with harnessing this power, opening doors to higher consciousness, entraining the mind which is the first power of Mantra, a subtle way of directing the mind. We learn to surf the wave of Sacred Naad (cosmic vibration) through the repetition of Naam (Sacred Mantra). In this we move from the gross to the subtle, the subtle to the Infinite. In this, we heal…….

The second part of the workshop is essentially a sound bath where participants lie on the floor in a circle while different instruments and voice are used to create a healing vibration.  The individual learns to tune into the body and organs in this session, feeling the discomfort and blocks in the physical and allowing the vibration to heal. This session is both passive and participatory.

The third part of the session is based on the principles of theta healing and yoga nidra. Whilst in this half awake, half asleep state, the spontaneous healing of emotional and physical disease has been recorded. All healing happens in Theta. This session strives to bridge the gap between the conscious and unconscious mind and build a bridge of communication through the power of sound. Desert Rose has composed unique and powerful Theta music for the benefit of those who attend these workshops.

The final part is where participants harness the power of sound within healing circles. The power of the group energy is exponential, raising vibration for the part and the whole. The difference of the group as opposed to solo chanting is tangible. In these sessions we are all healers, and with the intention of healing others, we heal ourselves. We shift from egocentric to altruistic states.