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Sufi Music by Desert Rose is a unique and original sound that draws from the rich mystical traditions of Sufism and Dhikr. Some of the Arabic chants used by Desert Rose originally come from Morocco and South East Asia. These chants  were brought to Cape Town by the Political slaves of Malaysia in the 17th Century by the Dutch. Dhikr is the traditional name given to this kind of music or Arabic chanting. The music is sometimes vigorous with Middle Eastern rhythms or it can be gentle as  ” the Prayer” where the music is all a Sufi Meditation. Rumi is an inspiration for the music of Desert Rose as the poetry reflects the spiritual ecstasy of Divine connection.


Sufi music from this rich cultural history was used to reach a state of ecstasy. This was achieved through the annihilation of the egoistic self. The repetitive nature of the Sacred Arabic words lulls the mind and leads one into union with the Divine. You become one with nature and God. The ecstasy of Divine love as reflected in the poetry of Rumi burns away all illusions of separation and individuality. The sound leads us  away from what is called “nafs”, translated as desires or ones shadow.

Sufi Music has the power to illicit the emotions described in the work and poetry of Rumi. The fire of Divine love can be experienced and thus transforming the shadow self. In Sufism, the practice of chanting Arabic music was known as dhikr. Dhikr is a mystical practice very similar to chanting in other Eastern practices. In the Sufi meditation found in ” the Prayer”, one can release blocked emotions and meditation on love and forgiveness.

The music of Desert Rose is lifestyle music and can be used each day to raise the vibration of thoughts and feelings beyond the mundane. One can use this sacred world music or spiritual music to purify the self from all negativity and heal the body through higher frequencies found in the sacred sounds. The Sufi Music is universal music, so one does not need to be a Sufi to participate or enjoy. The sacred sound is for everyone and the music has been made accessible.

Ancient languages provide a powerful medium to facilitate personal transformation. The older languages carry an energy in the sound that is closer to what it is describing. This is far more powerful than modern languages which are filtered through the thinking mind. Music was never meant for entertainment, that is why Desert Rose strives through their Sufi  Music to provide a tool for self improvement and raising consciousness.

You can sit back and listen to this universal music or participate in the chanting of sacred sounds, either way it is music to enhance consciousness and well being.

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