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Complete CD Catalog

We have the complete CD catalog of Sacred World Music albums by Desert Rose available for download below. The Sacred World Music has been composed with the intention to facilitate an inner experience and connection to the Divine.

The Desert Rose Sacred World Music CD catalog can be used  for the purpose of meditation, spiritual healing,  physical healing and chanting for those who want to increase their health and well being.

Some of the albums provide relief from insomnia and others induce a theta state of deep relaxation. The music can also facilitate a state of relaxed concentration for the purposes of study.

For those who find it difficult to find the album of choice in this category, we have arranged all the different genres of music into relevant categories to download for your convenience in the categories outside of the full Catalog.

The type of Genres

Desert Rose started producing world music in 1999 and has subsequently composed a complete CD catalog of 19 albums. The genres of music include Sufi World Music, African traditional music, Sanskrit mantra music, and Arabic Sufi music and instrumental meditation/ healing, or deep relaxation music.

The vocals include several languages such as Sanskrit, Arabic, Aramaic, Latin, Hebrew, Gurmukhi, Hindi, French, and English. The music is evocative, uplifting, and classically orchestrated by Desert Rose.

The healing approach to Sacred World Music

The music of Desert Rose goes beyond the traditional expectations of music as entertainment. In fact, they avoid all displays of virtuoso musicianship so as not to distract the listener from having their own inner experience.

The focus is not on the artist but rather on the great golden line of Sacred Sound. Their music is written and performed with a deep understanding of the Ancients, specifically the Ancient Greek philosopher, Pythagoras. Moreover, the understanding of the Ancient Chinese culture, where music was prescribed as a medicine long before modern forms of medicine came along.

This has been the rationale behind the music of Desert Rose. Pythagoras would prescribe music medicine for sleep and upon waking in the morning to ensure a healthy body and mind. Lynne has studied music therapy since her twenties and still plays the Lyre, a stringed music therapy instrument played by the Ancient Greeks.

The lifestyle that produced 19 albums

The lifestyle of Desert Rose mirrors its commitment to contributing towards a society of healing. They follow strict spiritual principles and practices. This has allowed them to focus their energy on a prolific amount of music production.

With 19 albums, each one reflects an aspect of their personal spiritual journey and experience. Their musical odyssey remains always infused with a love of the Divine -the thread that creates this unique, tapestry of Sacred Sound.