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Meditation Music

Music for meditation. This category of music is largely instrumental music, although some CDs or albums include gentle and soothing vocals. Meditation music is composed in such a way that it slows down the brain waves from the Beta state into a more relaxed state of consciousness.

This in turn slows down the heartbeat and breathing, In other words, it impacts the autonomic nervous system. When the body is relaxed, healing can take place. The music draws the listener inward where they can begin to draw on and stimulate the inner world of imagination and experience.

It is in this state that one stops experiencing the world with the senses but rather starts generating experiences internally. This instrumental music is an essential part of lifestyle practice today.

Whether you use Meditation Music for Deep relaxation or to assist you into a relaxed state of concentration for study, or for insomnia, there is a place in every day to support oneself by putting on this kind of music. Music therapy in today’s world is an essential way to cope with modern life. The Meditation Music of Desert Rose can lead you into theta brainwave state.

Theta state is the highly lucid state before sleep where you can tap into the power of healing. The Meditation music of Desert Rose has been written with a subtle and supportive loving emotional element in the music. It draws from classical harmonies and orchestration in a very simple way in order to lift the soul.

The emotional content in the music is what leaves the listener feeling connected and satisfied with a soft loving glow. This sound has the power to make those connections both in the heart and in the brain, putting the listener into a state of coherence. Head and heart are in sync.

In today”s world of intense stress, we cannot miss out on the tool of this healing meditation music.

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